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Thank you for visiting The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project!

My program takes observatory quality telescopes and cameras to regional schools and events in order to teach our community about the Sun and its many interesting features.  I concentrate on the Sun's affect on our weather, aviation, communications and environment.  I started in 2008 and see roughly 80,000+  people annually at over 70 events per year. This program is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and survives on public support.  Please feel free to use my resources in any way you see fit for education, ask questions about solar observing or contact us to set up a free visit.  If at some point you would like to contribute to the cause, I would be very grateful.  Paypal your donation to info@charliebates.org (or send your pledge via email) or click the donate link on the side menus.  We have less than 3 % operating costs and no one in the program recieves a salary of any kind.



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